Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jungle of the Maya

Thanks Jim, for the mention of Belize Field Notes over on the Celery Farm nature blog. Any Celery Farm readers, welcome. We got to know Jim (and eventually Patty) Wright while he researched and wrote a fantastic book "Jungle of the Maya" while based, for the most part, at Chan Chich Lodge. Jim's text is packed with information and vivid descriptions ranging from the ancient Maya to natural history ending with a discussion of the conservation issues in La Selva Maya (The Maya Forest). Here in Gallon Jug, I like to say that we are at the "heart of La Selva Maya."

"Jungle of the Maya" is beautifully photographed by Douglas Goodell and Jerry Barrack. We used to marvel daily at the spectacular photographs they downloaded every evening in Chan Chich's "Looter's Trench:" a Purple-crowned Fairy bathing, a Rufous-necked Jacamar snapping up an insect mid-flight, a tayra in a tree, to mention just a few highlights. If you are planning a visit, this book would be a great introduction to a fabulous locale and make a terrific remembrance of your time in the jungle of the Maya.

Jim Wright has written several nature books including "Hawk Mountain: The World's First Raptor Sanctuary" released in September 2009.

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