Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Curious "Jorge" on the Bajo Trail

We saw Ben, Chan Chich Lodge manager, Sunday night. He passed on these very exciting jaguar photos from one of the camera traps not far from the Lodge. I couldn't wait to share them! First though, I compared the spot pattern of this animal with those of male jaguars I had in my database from my previous jaguar projects in Gallon Jug Estate (yes, it's a male -- if you look carefully, on one of the frames you will notice the ... "details").

There were no matches in the database which wasn't actually too surprising. While this photo shows a healthy animal -- a couple ticks on his face notwithstanding -- he is by no means as heavy bodied as fully mature adult male jaguars. See the photos of Prowler -- who is massive -- for comparison ("On the Prowl," 11 Dec. 09). So I would conclude this is a fairly young animal.

Here then, is a slide show of a gorgeous young male jaguar, Curious "Jorge," examining the Bajo Trail sign and showing all the curiosity cats are famous for!


  1. Nice sequence, Carolyn! Digital cameras make life so much easier. No more hours of driving to Spooner's to get the films developed!

  2. True! I bet it comes as no surprise that Spooner's no longer even processes film. These Reconyx cameras are fabulous and very easy set up (remember what we went though with the cables and 2 units .... ???)

  3. Carolyn,
    Great post and fascinating frames of the curious cat. I look forward to showing my students this post.