Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Big Cat and Little Ones Too

Jaguars are not the only big cats found in Belize. The puma (Puma concolor) makes its home here too and in fact, has an enormous range stretching from the tip of South America north into Canada. This is the same animal that those of you in North America might know as "cougar," "mountain lion," or "panther." It's a very adaptable cat that does well in many types of habitats, including here, on the Sylvester Village road near Chan Chich. There are many other locations on the property where it has been frequently seen. Pumas seem to be bolder and far less secretive than jaguars; at least that has been our experience in Gallon Jug/Chan Chich. This photo series was taken in May 2009 on Ben's camera trap. Wonder how big those cubs are today?

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