Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Laguna Seca morning

How many Belize Field Notes readers (that are former Lodge visitors) have visited Laguna Seca? It's a wetlands system that extends northward across the Gallon Jug Estate property. If you are visiting Chan Chich Lodge, be sure to take the excursion from the Lodge for a leisurely Laguna Seca walk. There is a nice path wending its way through fairly extensive Maya ruins. Both spider and howler monkeys can almost always be seen there. For birders, specialties include the Agami heron, Northern Jacana, Least Bittern, and Black-collared Hawk. Of course the surrounding forest is filled with the "usual" cast of tropical birds.

There's more. Not long ago I posted about a "procession of peccaries." That video was taken at Laguna Seca. Last night when we returned to do a survey, there were the peccaries again, in the same spot. I could see they were attracted by the low water levels and nice cool mud wallows. Next project: get a photo of them wallowing...


  1. We have fond memories of Leguna Seca. Most are wildlife related, but last August we encountered so much rain that the Chan Chich truck got stuck in the mud. Marvin and I tried pushing it out but to no available. Eventually, we had to be rescued by a bigger lodge truck.

    On the way home we had a great encounter with some Keel-billed Toucans but better yet we encountered a Green Tree Snake on the road and stopped for a while to admire this beautiful animal. All's well that ends well I guess.

  2. Yes, the Green Tree snake is gorgeous ... an impossible shade of lime green. Thanks for sharing your adventure -- Laguna Seca is ALWAYS interesting!