Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Forest Headlights

This is how we know it is late dry season: click beetles with headlights! We were recently doing bat surveys near Laguna Seca in Gallon Jug Estate, and the night was lit with these interesting large beetles. It is amazing how much light is put out by them!

In the family Elateridae, click beetles have the ability to make a snapping sound thought to help them avoid predation. If the beetle finds itself upside down, the ability to click pops it up and over, right side up.


  1. Your blog is absolutely fantastic. I've been trying to find you online after reading a few of your older scientific articles on birds in Belize. Would you please email me directly (greg.keller@gordon.edu) -- I could use some of your thoughts on a bird project I am hoping to start on my sabbatical in January 2012 from Gordon College. Thanks, Greg

  2. Greg, thank you so much for your very kind words! Comments like yours make the blog writing all worthwhile!