Friday, February 11, 2011

Canopy Cat

Recent Chan Chich Lodge guests, Stewart Greisman and his wife, came across this gorgeous margay cat (Leopardus wiedii) in the tree canopy while walking with premier Chan Chich guide Gilberto (aka "Jack"), a little after 8AM on 28 January. Some Belize Field Notes readers will know the exact spot: on the main road, between Chan Chich Lodge and the Bridge, directly across from the Frog Crossing sign.

Since the margay is a mainly arboreal cat, it is no surprise to see it in the treetops. But a day time picture of this secretive animal is a surprise. Margays do come down occasionally as I have recorded them on the camera traps from time to time. But that is infrequent, so this series of photos is extra-special ... Stay tuned, more margay to come.


  1. Wow! It just gets better and better!

    I know that exact place and I am soooo jealous. Looking forward to more pictures too.

  2. I know, it's amazing. I think this was only the 4th confirmed margay Gilberto had ever seen in the wild (and you know he is on the trails constantly). They can be tough to distinguish from ocelots if you only get a fleeting glance.

    Ok, am holding my breath. I often reply to comments ... get the "ok" ... only to find they have not appeared for some unknown reason. I want you all to know, I appreciate all your comments! Thank you!