Friday, February 18, 2011

Canopy Cat (even more)

Is this not an absolutely fantastic spotted cat photo? I told Stewart that their experience with this margay is even more unique than the experience everyone seems to want ... and that is seeing a jaguar.

Margays are sometimes confused with ocelots. One field mark is the significantly longer tail of the margay, no doubt helping it balance in the canopy tree tops. That longer tail is evident in this image. Ocelots have a shorter tail (appearing to hit somewhere knee length) and are larger in size than margays (but nowhere near as large as a jaguar).

This lovely image was taken just moments before it scampered down the tree and into the forest. Thanks to Stewart Greisman for sharing these with us.


  1. This is the best! Thanks for sharing. Would love to see it in 2 weeks--

  2. Exquisite shot! Simply beautiful. Nancy, I am jealous of your upcoming trip. Let's hope the cats of Chan Chich make an appearance for you.