Friday, January 28, 2011

Ornate Hawk-eagle

Here's a great shot sent by recent Chan Chich Lodge guest, Frank Buck. The Ornate Hawk-Eagles (Spizaetus ornatus) are nesting! Here's one coming in for a landing ... look at the outstretched talons! The Ornate is a medium-sized bird of prey, a gorgeous bird that is really quite colorful with dark upper parts and chestnut head with crest.

They seem to thrive in the forests surrounding Chan Chich Lodge and have nested every other year in tall trees near the Lodge. A forester we knew, that worked in the Gallon Jug area in the 60s-70s, said that they were quite numerous then. Since Ornates prefer good quality forest, their continued presence here provides a "stamp of approval" for the Gallon Jug Estate.

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