Friday, January 21, 2011

The Cats are Back (II)

Dark moon, short days in late December...perfect cat conditions. I promised more cats ... and here they are. December 29 and 30 were big cat nights near the Lodge. The previous post showed an ocelot and jaguar moving through the area ... and here they are again.

Lots of cat activity at this location on the Sylvester Village road near the intersection with the River Trail. Lots of bird activity too. I understand from the Lodge managers that the bench has been relocated back to its previous position. While the bench doesn't necessarily add much to the camera trap images, the real reason was to minimize disturbance to the nesting Ornate Hawk-Eagles. These are magnificent birds and I have a magnificent image of one, coming right up!


  1. Very cool Caryoln. I especially like that the bench really adds perspective to the size of the cats. You can see how much bigger the Jaguar is than the ocelot.

    Also, the cat at 7:24PM looks smaller than the ocelot that follows. Is it really the same cat? Maybe it is just farther away.

  2. The first ocelot was definitely a male, the second appears to be a smaller female.