Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another New Jaguar

As if one new jaguar wasn't enough, much earlier that same morning, the morning of April 7, this jaguar passed by. And that very afternoon, the stub-tailed puma. Same camera, same location, the Peterson Creek intersection on the Gallon Jug Estate. Interesting that the 3 big cats were using this same spot separated only by hours.

While it is always great to photo-capture a jaguar, unfortunately the image here is not a "flat profile." That makes it a bit more difficult, if not impossible, to say whether this animal has been previously recorded in the database. The image above is the clearest of the lot -- the others are quite blurred -- and is one of 6 taken. The heavy stocky build makes me believe it is likely a male and from what I can tell, more than likely a new addition to the database.

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