Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Male Jaguar

Here's a new sequence of 5 images from Ben's very prolific Bajo Trail camera near Chan Chich Lodge. The first 3 are within seconds of each other beginning at 11:03PM on the 14th of April. The last two frames are somewhat later, at 11:19PM. It's likely this is the same individual, a male, who laid down for a moment, got up and then came back past the camera.

Night time shots like these are tough to match with my database jaguars. I can say for sure that it is definitely not Prowler, who visited this camera a couple months ago (see posts for 12/11/09 and 2/23/10). And it is not Curious Jorge who gave us the nice sequence checking out the camera "up close and personal" (see post for 01/05/10). There are a couple of other similarly blurred night time photos of jaguars from this area, but until we get a clear shot, it will be impossible to make a match.


  1. Great sequence, this gets me pretty excited for our trip in August. Last time, we did venture out around 10PM and sat on the bench along Sylvestor Rd and the River Trail junction hoping a Jaguar might come along and we could spot it with our night vision. But, no luck and it was pretty eerie out there in the dark. Maybe we will try 11PMish this time though if the sightings continue.

  2. I have been trying to reply ... and Google has blocked me repeatedly! Hmmm, that's a problem.

    What I was going to say is that we're out frequently for nocturnal bat surveys and most often enjoy the evening, the night sounds, etc. But some nights -- same location -- it is downright creepy. We've often wondered if some 6th sense kicks in when a predator is nearby.