Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What Did She See?

Another nice jaguar sequence from Ben at Chan Chich, not far from the Lodge! It's an early morning sequence, 4:22 on 4 March 2010. This female jaguar regards the camera -- she's clearly aware of it -- then sees or hears something that causes her leave. Interesting. Makes you wonder what exactly it was. At that hour, unlikely a human. Another jaguar?

A comparison with my jaguar database photos reveals no matches. This is definitely not "Kitty Carlisle" who was appearing in Ben's cameras regularly a month or so ago. Often female jaguars that have overlapping territories are related, perhaps mother-daughter. But unless we had some way to collect hair or scat for genotyping, that is something we'll never know about these two!

1 comment:

  1. Interesting. Here's hoping they stick around for our upcoming visit (And decided to wander around a little later in the day). Unless the howlers start going at 4:00AM I doubt we will be out of the cabana by 4:22AM.