Thursday, March 18, 2010

Puma on the prowl

This is a robust looking male puma (Puma concolor) on the Hillbank road where I've been running a camera trap near the lower escarpment. The location is about 5 km east of Gallon Jug farm and another approximately 10 km from Chan Chich Lodge. As I've mentioned before, it is difficult to tell individual pumas apart since their coat patterns aren't uniquely marked. Sometimes you can tell from scars or the amount of black on the tail tip. It is certainly possible, even likely, that this is the same male that was photo-captured at the Horse Trail intersection which is close to Gallon Jug Farm. Given that big cats, especially males, have big territories, it is entirely possible he visits Chan Chich Lodge from time to time.


  1. That's a great camer trap shot. Does your cat database include pumas with various markings? Unless it's just dirt, this one seems to have some markings on the right shoulder which I am sure you noticed.

  2. Yes, I do track pumas also. I'm not sure those are markings on the right shoulder ... or "wrinkles" due to the position of the shoulder and neck. It's worth noting but it's surprising how much difference lighting and position of the animal can make in something that subtle. There's a little striping on the inside left foreleg and a couple faint "stripes" above the black tail tip. With luck, those may show up in another photo of this cat.