Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Provision Tree


Now that we are well into dry season (sort of like "spring" Belize-style), many plants are starting to blossom and the one pictured above is a favorite. The provision tree blossoms are spectacular, larger than your hand and very showy. The provision tree is most often found along waterways, swamps and wetlands. This particular tree was about 20' in height although provision trees can attain a maximum height of 60' or so. A large nut is produced that is evidently edible though we've never tried it. The nut is water dispersed and floats to a new location where it germinates. Many plants in Belize are considered to have medicinal value. In the case of the provision tree, it is thought that making a tea from its bark helps to build the blood.


  1. I don't remember having the pleasure of seeing one of these blossoming trees while I was in Belize. It's stunning, and I bet the nuts are tasty.

  2. Well you know, the first one I had a good look at was along Chan Chich creek, just past the old swimming hole. It's still there.

  3. I am pretty sure these are the blossoms we saw out at Laguna Seca a few years ago. They were quite impressive. Until now, I didn't know the name of them. Thanks for the information Carolyn.

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