Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Passing Puma

I had hoped to share some really great photos today, from the camera trap we set up a week ago on the Hillbank Rd. I was all but certain we'd have a puma ... since as we drove up to the site, a big puma was just strolling past the camera!

BUT when I downloaded the photos, there were no wildlife photos ... evidently we'd had the camera trap set too "low" to take into the account the crowned road bed it was aimed at. There were plenty of photos of Bruce and I setting it up however. But no puma photo.

Still, it was a pretty interesting experience. We were able to drive fairly close to the puma, a big adult with a kink on the end of its tail, that was all but unconcerned about us. It did saunter into the bush ... and then ambled out again, about 100' ahead of us.

When it turned to look at us, I did manage to snap the photo above. Not a great photo -- blurred due to motion and low light -- but at least it proves we saw the puma, even if the camera trap couldn't pick it up. Guess we will be making some adjustments and give it another week in that location!

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