Sunday, December 13, 2009

One two three FOUR raccoons

Interesting how aware animals are of their surroundings and "something new." Look at these guys. Four raccoons in our pond (#4 in the corner by the Reconyx logo) and one bold enough to come right up and check out the camera from only inches away.

Ben loaned us one of his three Reconyx camera traps. This one wasn't working so well but Bruce, who is a genius with things electronic, fiddled with it. Seems to be working just fine now as our test raccoons show. So we took it out to a location on the Hillbank Road this morning. The plan is to let it operate for a week or so. During my 2005 jaguar density study, this particular spot was a busy "intersection" for several jaguars. Fingers crossed that some of them are still around nearly 5 years later.


  1. Hey! Great blog! Comment from a Bernsteiner.

  2. Thanks Tom -- just getting off the ground but so far it's been lots of fun. Yeah, besides monitoring the camera traps, I help you-know-who monitor his BG! A warm welcome to you and any other Bernsteiners. Thanks for checking in.