Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Impressive Creepy-Crawly

Halloween is coming -- it's time for a creepy-crawly!  This large spider (genus Nephila) is a Golden Orb-Weaver, named for its web which often glints gold in the sunlight.  Its web is made of incredibly strong stuff and has been investigated for potential commercial use with regard to the compounds that comprise it and give it strength.  Genus Nephila is widespread in warm climates and, as you can see, in the case of females anyway, can be quite large.  So large that, in fact, there are reports of orb weavers that can entrap and consume small birds!    (Warning!  If you are an arachnophobe, you do not want to check out this link).

While no one wants to be bitten by a spider, the Golden Orb-Weaver is only mildly toxic and not a danger to humans (unless, of course, you were to have an allergic reaction).  With a little effort, you should be able to see this impressive spider at Chan Chich Lodge.

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  1. wish I hadn't seen this Carolyn. I won't mention it to Caelen...