Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Golden Oldie: Diamond Jane

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The tag line under "Belize Field Notes" says "Camera traps, natural history and news featuring Chan Chich Lodge." It probably hasn't escaped your notice that I haven't posted camera trap photos for a long time. There were 3 on loan when I started this blog but they have since gone south, that is, are defunct. They need repair and honestly, it is not worth it to send them up to the USA, get repairs, have them shipped back and pay duty on the whole shebang. And anyway, technology being what it is these days, we'd be better off buying the latest and greatest instead of trying to fix several-year-old units.

Oh well. I thought you might enjoy my favorite jaguar photo of all time which is also my very first jaguar camera-trapped. This was using a small all-weather film camera and the TrailMaster set up. August 8, 1993 a bit after 11AM, this gorgeous female jaguar was photographed at the intersection of the River Trail and Sylvester Village Road at Chan Chich Lodge. Could she have been more beautifully illuminated?

Remember Norm? Some of Belize Field Notes readers will remember Norm, the well-loved, irreverent heart-of-gold bartender at the Looter's Trench back in the day. As we carefully studied this fabulous photo, it was Norm that dubbed her "Diamond Jane" for the horizontal diamond shape smack in the middle of her side. Can you find it?


  1. That's a fantastic photo Carolyn.

  2. great photo - i am here for a short while then back to costa rica where i live to capture and colar a macho jaguar mid august - i need some tips - i am using recording of a female jag. to attract a male - as we need to to colar a male in costa ricas - osa.... i got a photo of a male at the same spot as your photo above the other day, but can not be certain came because of the recording, or just frequents the trail crossing - can you recommend some ideas for me - only here till thursday Aug. 4th. you can reach me direct at naturephotoman@ HOTMAIL.COM THANKS, DAVID STEIN

  3. Thanks Alan! Even though the sun is almost directly overhead and that's not usually the best lighting, it really sets her off in this case I think. She lived to be about 6 yo and was photographed many times over the next several years.

    David, I have responded to your em adrs. Thanks for your interest.

  4. I love that picture!! (Deedee)