Friday, March 4, 2011

A Secretive Heron

The only way this Agami heron (Agamia agami) could be any more beautiful is during that time of year when it has filmy powder-blue "nuptial plumes" trailing down its neck. That's a once-a-year occurrence when the agami enters into courtship. Recent Lodge guest Frank Buck took this photo in December and although somewhat early for courtship plumage, it still shows what an attractive bird it is.

Even for a heron, the Agami has an especially long thin bill, and likes swampy forested areas as opposed to open water. Around Chan Chich Lodge, that would mean along Chan Chich creek and Laguna Seca are good places to look for it.

While Laguna Verde is a lovely spot, those of you that know it would agree that it is probably a bit too open for this forest-loving species. Even though the Agami can be rather secretive, it is a sought-after species by birders, and as this image proves, it is very possible to get a good look at it.

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