Friday, September 3, 2010

Casey Community School

We're back in Gallon Jug after 2 months in the USA. It was our annual visit "to buy socks and underwear," visit family and friends and attend to medical matters. But it hasn't exactly been a smooth reentry since our computers have made it clear that they don't "like" being shut in a hot and humid room for 8 weeks. This isn't exactly a news flash for us as it is always touch and go whether they'll boot up or not after an absence. The climate simply isn't computer-friendly and aside from leaving them running, or operating the AC for 2 months, we just take our chances. Bruce will eventually get it sorted out (parts are in the mail) but it does mean we're off to a slow start.

So, back in Gallon Jug and ... back to school. Formerly known as the Gallon Jug Community School for the past 20 years, our local school has been renamed the Casey Community School. The new name honors former teachers Mike and Jill Casey who were killed in a plane crash in February, along with their 2 young children, Makayla and Bryce, and Gallon Jug property owner, Sir Barry Bowen.

All are sorely missed here as the new school year begins.


  1. Nice to have you back blogging! I was going through some Belize withdrawls since we got back.

    We did end up leaving some supplies for the school at the Chan Chich front desk. Hopefully, they made it to the school. It's nice to be able to do a little something for all great people that we met at Chan Chich.

  2. Alan, so sorry to have missed you! So glad you were able to help the school, I know it is much appreciated. We have a new crew of enthusiastic and qualified teachers, so we are off to a good start this school year. On their behalf, many thanks.