Friday, August 6, 2010

Tiny Gecko

If you live in the tropics, it's pretty much guaranteed that you have wildlife in your house. I was particularly happy to see this little lizard, not much more than an inch long appear in the kitchen (that's my shoe to the left to give some idea of size). This is not a baby, this is an adult gecko; Sphaerodactylus glaucus, to be precise. Bruce and I call them "house geckos" since they seem to do well around human habitation. They were more numerous around our house before we were taken over by an introduced Asian gecko. The Asian geckos are voracious and I think, besides eating insects, have eaten most of the house geckos -- this is the first one I'd seen in some time.

I don't mind having geckos of any size in the house. They eat the insects that inevitably find their way inside. I like it when the roaches especially, are kept down to a dull roar.


  1. We love these little guys. They were constantly "chirping" around Chan chich. We were lucky enough to see a few different species including the house gecko, turnip-tailed, and the beautiful yucantan-banded gecko.

    I have 1000 pictures from our trip to weed through including the above mentioned geckos which should keep me out of trouble this week...

  2. Dear Carolyn and Bruce,
    I am writing you on the blog, as I cannot locate an email for you, though I suppose I could have called the Chan Chich Lodge. Hopefully, this will get through.
    I am a freelance environmental journalist, with a particular passion for jaguars. I have been regaling myself with your blog, particularly from January of this year. What an embarrassment of riches!
    I will be coming to Belize from Aug 24 to Sept 3 to research several story ideas that I would like to interview you for, if you are amenable. I will be staying in Burrell Boom, but will also have access to transport.
    Please advise if you could make yourselves available during this period. I would also love to visit the spots where you have such big jaguar traffic!
    My email is:
    Cheers and thank you!

  3. Hi,
    I am enjoying looking at your blog. I played Backgammon this evening on FIBS with your husband. I enjoyed talking with him and learning about your work. (I did not enjoy being trounced).

    I will pass your link on to my daughter who is a field bird biologist researcher. I am sure she will enjoy it.

    LInda G Price

  4. Apologies for not getting back here sooner. Our computer problems, since our return from the USA, are now mostly sorted out and I finally have been able to get back online. First, many thanks to all of you for checking out my blog -- I love sharing Belize's wildlife with other enthusiasts. Marsha, I am sorry I missed you but hope you had a good visit anyway. Linda, no doubt you and Bruce will meet on FIBS again -- good luck!