Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Woo hoo! We have a Winner!

Drum roll please ... the moment we've all been waiting for ... the drawing for a free stay at beautiful Chan Chich Lodge! Pictured are Lodge manager Ben and a young volunteer about to the select winning ticket from the drum. The inset photo shows members of the local school's dance troupe displaying the winning ticket.

For more years than I can recall, Chan Chich Lodge has sponsored a raffle to benefit the Gallon Jug Community School high school scholarship fund. As explained on their website: "Each year, in a considerable effort to raise money for the Gallon Jug Community School Scholarship Fund, Chan Chich Lodge raffles a great prize in the name of education: a 4-night double occupancy all-inclusive stay at the Lodge, including room, meals, beverages and daytime activities. If you are interested in purchasing a raffle ticket please email us at info@chanchich.com " See also this link.

This year a record-breaking $7000 was raised to be used toward higher education for deserving Gallon Jug students. Due to the tragic loss of beloved teachers Mike & Jill and their children earlier this year, the school has been renamed the Casey Family Community School. I know Mike & Jill would be delighted that so many students will have a chance to attend high school. Our thanks to all those that bought tickets.


  1. A great cause. One more great thing about Chan Chich.

    Speaking of the school, could they use school supplies and if so, what kinds? We coming to Chan Chich the first week of August and if we can find room in our luggage, we could try to bring some supplies.

  2. Thanks Alan! I'll get in touch with one of the teachers and see if she has any ideas. Really appreciate your offer. We are in the USA now ourselvesj!

  3. Jeanne contacted me with some info. So, we will bring what I can. She didn't say where to leave the supplies, but worse case someone at CC can deliver them for us I am sure.